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Born in 1947, Nielsen Logistics & Expeditions was founded by mining engineer Santiago Pedro Nielsen, who expands his knowledge and experience by directing mining holdings and its logistics in mines such as Rio Turbio, Santa Cruz. After that, he was transferred to Malargüe as the mine chief of “Los Castaños”, where he was in charge of extracting minerals such as manganese. Among different titles, Santiago Nielsen was the second in command of all mining activities in Mendoza in 1958, as well as the first in command of all the mining activities in San Juan, directing different explorations in La Rioja and San Juan (Argentina). Afterwards, he joined the team led by Santiago Jesús Nielsen, who were focused mostly on mining holdings. After getting all this experience, he managed to position the company as the leader in mining logistics, including setting up camps and reaching areas where nobody else could, exploiting a new business opportunity. At the same time, the company decide to increase revenues using the mining logistics by providing tourist related activities, helping at the same time the tourism in the province. The company specialized in taking people where nobody else can, opening new roads and shortening current ones, making mining exploration and tourism safer and easier. Nowadays, the younger generation of the Nielsen family has taken care of the company, updating tools and technology, increasing the quality and the safety of clients from all over the world.

Our company today

Since 1947, Nielsen Logistics & Expeditions is a company that has been providing services to help the development of mining activities. It has been 73 years since our first step towards mineral exploration and searching for opportunities to build sustainable projects, where no one else has ever reached. Three different generations and many years of experience in the business sustain our successful trajectory.


Nielsen Inc. is committed not only with every client that choose us, but also with the land where we live. The personnel are continuously getting trained in order to bring the most effective solutions to our clients. The company is deeply rooted within the society and community, participating in different social activities and working along high-schools and different colleges. Also, the company is not only looking out for the clients but also the environment, where it has become a priority in every activity. The development of the province and the community is one of our main goals, working professionally, humbly and responsibly, in order for everyone to win.

Assist our client in every step of the way, improving their confidence and our commitment through a specialize and integral service, with our highly trained personnel.

Been recognized as a leading company in sustainable development, highly efficient, profoundly human and socially responsible with the environment. We provide innovative and committed solutions throughout the different generations, past, present and future.

1. Teamwork
2. Confidence
3. Winning attitude
4. Respect
5. Innovation


Camp Installation

We are specialists in camp installations, providing different modules and housing tents, which they have different uses such as offices, bathrooms, kitchen and recreation room. We also provide a 12m dome, which can fit as many as 28 persons, and it can be used as a dining room or a gym. Our company also provides with external and mobile sources […]


 To provide our customers with excellent service, we offer comfortable and safe trips all in optimal conditions to move around the different areas. Our drivers are carefully selected and highly trained professionals to preserve the safety of our users. The units are: * F4000 4×4 – 22 passengers * F4000 4×4 – 16 passengers * Ford F100 4X4 9 […]

Cargo Transportation Service

Our company also carries out cargo transportation. In general, the transport of MSW and other dangerous cargo throughout the country and for this type of transportation we have a large fleet of mobilities. These are authorized, and authorized by the appropriate provincial and national entities, to carry out the activity. All of our units are adapted to cover every type […]

Catering Service in High Mountain

Nielsen Logistic & Expeditions meets the needs that your company wishes. Our Catering service is characterized by being complete and of high quality and our kitchen is equipped with appliances, dishes, linens, etc. The chefs and assistants of our company have had adequate training in order to maintain our standard of living in the mountains. They are professionals who carry […]

Maintenance and High Cleaning Service Mountain

We have a comprehensive maintenance and cleaning service. It is developed through the organization, cleaning and disinfection of rooms, offices, bathrooms, kitchen, multipurpose rooms,  and sectors adjacent to the camp. It also provides the provision of replacement, washing, and change of linen. We also provide, if needed by the client, maintenance; regarding to power or network (electricity in general), generator […]

4X4 Truck Rental

In order to be a part of projects from the very beginning, we also provide a rental service for our units. Our trucks are modern, comfortable and safe, and adapted to cover any type of land. Our drivers are highly trained and are qualified to move customers from one place to another with great security. With their ability and experience, […]

Mobile Photovoltaic Plant

The mobile photovoltaic plants have more benefits and advantages other than the traditional form of power generation (combustion generator sets): – It reduces environmental and noise pollution. -Produces clean and renewable energy, which is taking care of the environment. -Reduces fuel transportation and storage costs, also avoiding freezing in extreme temperatures. -Reduces the generation of hazardous waste (filters and oils). […]

Medical Assistance

In the camp there is a mobile emergency unit fully equipped and readily available. In the event of an emergency (rain, snow, etc.) we have additional 4×4 drivers with the knowledge of the different accesses to our projects in order to reach us. Censuses of the nearest hospitals and their different accesses are carried out periodically. Project Training, Emergency Drills, […]



Pablo Nielsen Presidente

Federico Nielsen Administración

Santiago Nielsen Comunicación

Mercedes Soria Control

Sergio Brites Armado de Campamentos

Bibiana Maggio Relación con la Comunidad

Fernando Montigel Transporte

Miguel Gimenez Transporte

Maria Perez Recursos Humanos

FORD 4000

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